Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Demonic soundscapes

(as promised ) that Demonic soundscapes CD
DL filesend
8 audio scenes of terror

Found it inside Screeches,clanks and howls halloween cd case and under the cd.No wonder its been gone for so long and I couldn't find it in the past 8 years.

Happy new year

edited *added track info in comments**


maney7 said...

track listings:
01 An intro to the horrific
02 The werewolf forest
03 entry into vladi's castle (room of haunted souls)
04 Metamorphous
05 The stalker
06 Its bedtime (sleep if you can)
07 Dungeon of torture
08 demonic demons
70.something MB

Brayden said...

re up to megaupload plz other dont work

mccringleberry said...

can you reupload it please ?